Social Media – Building Brand and Followers on Twitter

Twitter is a great way to build brand and loyalty in social media. Designed around the concept of community, Twitter rewards participation and creativity. Here is how I built personal brand and followers on Twitter.

Branded Icon

So much in the fast flow of Twitter conversations is based on the visual image of your icon. Brand it and minimize the changes. That icon is how hardcore Twitterers subconsciously track everything. If you change it or go to some off the shelf manga avatar you will lose attention.

Chose a prominent color, logo, or distinctive picture. I chose a black and whit picture–no on uses black and white anymore. Bingo! Bill Rice’s face is a branded image.

Custom Twitter Page

This is essential. When people go to follow or investigate you. A default template is almost as bad as a Twitter account with not Tweets–guaranteed lost follower.

This is also free advertising space for your business. Where else can you get free banner ad placement on a million user network. Use it.

Keyword Bio

You bio is your first introduction and follows you in all of the Twitter third-party applications. Be specific about the types of people you want following and engaging in conversations with you.

I like to do this quickly and efficiently with a list of keywords. Everyone knows what tags and keywords are these days. Leave out the prose and get straight to the point.

Custom Landing Page

The website link is yours. It is only going to be followed by a targeted audience of Twitter users. Turn it into a valuable landing page for your Twitter clients and for you.

Build a custom page on your website or blog. It should serve up a quick introduction, why someone should follow you, what you do, and a valuable freebie.

Also, don’t forget the call to action–make sure they have followed you and maybe ask them to join your email list.

Attract Conversations

The Twitter community is full of search and meme following and tracking utilities. Keep that in mind and use rich keywords that will attract valuable followers. Make your tweets attract.